Custom Tank and Cylinder Lifts by iTEC Manufacturing

Properly moving tanks and cylinders can help prevent back injuries and create a safer working environment. Having a cylinder lift and transporter will also make your job easier!

We can design lifts for any type of cylinders and tanks: gas, oxygen (O2), propane, acetylene, helium, carbon dioxide (CO2,), ethylene, etc.

Welding, Mining, Aviation, Fast Food and other Industries

We can create a variety of custom built lifts to suit your needs. From different sized cylinders to wheelchair lifts, let us know what you need and we will do our best to meet your requirements.

Heavy Duty Lift

Heavy Duty Lift

This lift was custom designed for a nuclear energy company in order to lift the control box of a nuclear reactor.

This lift is capable of lifting 750 pounds.

The device to be raised is attached to the top via cable and hook.

Wheelchair Lift for Church Stage

Wheelchair Lift for Church StageThis wheelchair lift was designed for a stage at a church.

The person can enter from one side, be lifted up and exit from the other side.

This was also used for people who could not climb stairs, they simply held on to the handrails while being raised.

Ramps are lowered for loading and unloading. While lifting, ramps are raised and held in place with a chain.

Wheelchair Lift
Wheelchair Lift

Contact iTEC Manufacturing for more information on a customized lift system designed to meet your specific needs.