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Custom Products

Custom Tank and Cylinder Lifts

Properly moving tanks and cylinders can help prevent back injuries and create a safer working environment. Having a cylinder lift and transporter will also make your job easier! We can design lifts for any type [...]

PAL – Patient Assist Lifts

Basic PAL

iTEC Manufacturing has developed the revolutionary new PAL, Patient Assist Lift, which acts like a BODY SPLINT. It was designed by rescuers to reduce physical strain of workers and protect patients being lifted from [...]


Haz PAL Patient Assisted Lift by iTEC Manufacturing is used to rapidly retrieve patients from hazardous and high risk situations.

Transfer PAL & Kleen Kover

Patient Transfer System by iTEC Manufacturing iTEC Manufacturing's patient transfer device helps decrease the risk of back injuries during patient transfers while being safe, smooth, simple and performed with speed. The Bariatric Transfer PAL is [...]

Additional Parts